Pennovate is proud to be an official "Designed for Palm Products" developer!

Introducing our "Free for Non-Commercial Use" Pennovate Notes Lite - Download it today!
The Lite Edition of Pennovate Notes does not include support for SD memory card storage and does not include support for e-mailing, Bluetooth, and beaming .bmp notes.  For these additional features and more, please download Pennovate Notes Pro.


Attention CalenNotes and Pennovate Notes Pro owners with SD memory cards.


Get SyncToy:  A free PowerToy download for file synchronization to sync your notes on your memory card with your PC!

  Learn about EverNote Plus:  A fully-featured PC note-taking application which includes Synchronization, Handwriting and Shape recognition, Advanced Note Recognition (ANR) and Advanced Image Recognition (AIR-Search), Ink-Note Search.  




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